Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence Week

Once a year the Oxbow Hotel and community partners host a talented visual artist from outside of the Chippewa Valley to stay, eat, and play with us for as long as two weeks. They create a permanent, large-scale mural on a hand-picked downtown building, all while experiencing the best of our community. The artists not only leave their mark on the canvas of our downtown, but interact and collaborate with local artists, students, and the public through events like panel discussions, workshops, receptions, and more. These visiting artists enjoy our city, meet our people, and take their reflections back into their own cities where they can spread the word about our local vibe. Conversely, our local artists and other individuals who take part are left with fresh, outside perspectives and a newfound connection in art scenes around the country. And of course the community is left with some new high-profile public art.

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