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A Wellness and Healing Experience Presented by The Oxbow Hotel

Saturday Mar. 25th, 2023 | 11am-6:30pm


Hey Eau Claire! We’re inviting you to a brand new and one-of-a-kind Healing and Wellness Experience, where you can slow down, get intentional, and lean into a high-vibe array of experiences, all brought to you by an amazing group of local, small businesses, that we could not be more excited to partner with… picture this: a mobile homeopathic hot house sauna experience with No Boundaries Saunas, restorative yoga sessions with Rhythmic Renewal, relaxing sound baths with UME Studios, ambient DJ music by Dashwoo, and a selection of delicious food and no-proof beverages from The Lakely, all held at The Oxbow Hotel! This is the dream team right here, and we’re all so delighted to bring this opportunity to downtown Eau Claire and share some intentional experiences with you!


Your guided sauna session includes 20 minutes in a custom, wood fired sauna. The temperature will be maintained near a toasty 165 degrees Fahrenheit for benefit of the majority of users. You’ll have the opportunity to relax on two-tiered, comfortable benches feature seating in two heat zones, with additional backrests and lumbar supports available.

Towels: You must bring/supply your own towels for use before, during and after your sauna.
Sauna attire: Swimsuit is required to be worn by all users. Additionally, clothing should be clean, light and comfortable; workout clothes or swimwear suffice. No metal buttons or buckles.
Changing Room will be available at The Oxbow Hotel for pre and post sauna use.
Immerse yourself in a soothing oasis of sounds and experience an inner journey of deep listening, relaxation and self-healing.

Sound baths are a form of shared meditation. They are a practice of creating stillness in the body, quieting the mind and opening to frequency and sound waves intended to guide the body and mind into a restful and meditative state of being.

This experience is suitable to all levels and all bodies. However, please consult an expert if you have any specific physical concerns or conditions.


Abigail has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Her classes are great for any level yogi to promote peace and relaxation. She will guide us through super slow paced mindful movements to help release tension from our mind and our muscles activating the parasympathetic nervous system so the body can relax into a restful state of healing. Abigail always infuses her classes with optional handmade herbal products and healing touch for a full sensory experience. These are especially great practices for rewiring dissociations caused from trauma, and supportive to our nervous system’s resilience to strengthen our well-being.


If you have any questions, please reach out to events@theoxbowhotel.com!

We are not accepting any vendor requests for this event, at this time.


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