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Gallery Artist Reception: “WEIGHTLESS” by Sylvia Annelise Art

Friday Jun. 10th, 2022 | 5:30-7:30pm

This summer, we are absolutely thrilled to host a special limited-term Gallery Art Exhibit that features the work of our 2021 Artist in Residence Muralist, Sylvia Annelise Hecht! Sylvia’s exhibit, called Weightless, will be open for exploration in The Oxbow Hotel Gallery for the months of June and July, and on June 10th, we will host a very special Artist Reception, where Sylvia will be available to meet guests and share information about her work. We’ll have an Artist Q&A at 6pm, and all artwork will be for sale, so you can take home a piece (or two!) that you fall in love with.


Weightless is a celebration of our natural, untethered spirits. Too often, we wear the conditioning of the material world like armor. Our egos keep us safe, but they do not allow us to fly. The true Self is free from the weight of the identities that we are taught to cling onto so tightly. When we expand our connection to the spirit within, and let go of the baggage of our constructed selves, we are able to soar. This sense of levity can be embodied in our physical spaces, by using light and color to invigorate otherwise stagnant energy (light is considered a positively charged/“yang” force in the principles of feng shui). The artwork in the Weightless series engage in a dynamic dance with the light and energy around them, and serve as a reminder of the unbounding lightness of our true nature.


Sylvia Annelise Hecht is an artist and adventurer, best known for her uplifting, nature themed murals. Inspired by her travels, Sylvia’s artwork explores the complex harmony between the human spirit and the natural world. Sylvia’s recognition of art’s ability to connect and teach people is what fuels her creative process. She believes that a beautiful atmosphere holds magic in its ability to positively affect the human psyche, and loves using intentional art and design to foster the creation of engaging and inspiring environments in both public and private spaces. She will continue to travel, create large scale artwork and work to foster creative energy wherever she roams.

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