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Late Night Jazz: Jason & The Jazzerknots

Friday Jul. 14th, 2023 | 7-10pm

About Jason and The Jazzerknots:

Jason and the Jazzerknots formed to play original jazz compositions that appeal to listeners of all stripes. Led by guitarist and composer Jason Goessl, and featuring Josh Gallagher on piano, Jeremy Boettcher on upright bass, and Mike Malone on drums, the group sounds as if they are just getting started—as if you’ve wandered into a jazz performance in the middle of the first set. Their sound is grounded in the great tradition of jazz rhythm sections, from the Big Band Era to the present, and topped with Jason Goessl’s unique, horn-like approach to the guitar. Their debut album “The Shakedown” showcases the range of the Jazzerknots appeal and skill, featuring all original compositions by Jason Goessl that range from the pensive and evocative to the joyous and swinging.

About Jason Goessl:

A subtle aesthetic sensitivity and a veritable encyclopedic knowledge of the guitar have made Jason Goessl one of the most exciting musicians of recent vintage. His studies began on guitar in the small town of Maribel, Wisconsin, and grew during his college years at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he honed his jazz skills. After wrapping up his studies, he moved to Seattle, where he recorded and produced for a variety of styles, including indie rock and folk music, becoming a regular fixture of the local music scene. Now calling Oshkosh, Wisconsin home, Mr. Goessl divides his time between his record company, Sun Goose Records, his jazz duo featuring his wife, Kate Voss, on vocals, Sundae + Mr. Goessl, and various other musical projects that catch his attention. His most recent jazz recording as a leader serves as a retrospective, featuring compositions he created over the past 10 years, and serves as a love letter to the jazz guitar. Mr. Goessl’s unique style, which features striking patterns of articulation and technique, was developed not only through a thorough study of jazz guitar masters but by studying the tonguing patterns of clarinet and saxophone players as well.

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