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LIVE MUSIC: Gilmore Family Band

Friday Jun. 7th, 2024 | 7-10pm

Shannon and Jason Gilmore’s musical journey commenced in 2000, as they shared the stage with The Old Dog Band in Colorado Springs. Their onstage synergy, Shannon lending her vocals and Jason playing the guitar and mandolin, laid the foundation for a lasting friendship. Despite Shannon’s departure to her home state of California in 2005, their bond endured. Meanwhile, Jason continued shaping his musical path, contributing his talents to various bands in the Colorado Springs area like Creating a Newsense, The J.Miller Band, and Woodshed Red.

Fast forward to 2016, an opportunity drew Shannon back to Colorado Springs, rekindling her involvement in the local music scene while owning Rocks Sports Bar & Grill. After more than a decade, Shannon and Jason seamlessly reconnected, resurrecting their musical collaboration. Their repertoire expanded across diverse genres—blues, folk, rock, bluegrass, country, reggae, soul, funk, and more.

The magnetic connection and friendship between Shannon and Jason gradually evolved, leading to the inception of The Gilmore Family Band in November 2019. Their musical endeavors saw them joining forces with prominent Colorado musicians and, in 2020, welcoming John Wise on Bass and Teddy Nazario on Drums, both esteemed members of the renowned Colorado band, TRIBE, solidifying the band’s foundation.

After an incredible two-plus decades of creating musical memories in Colorado, The Gilmore Family has moved to the driftless plains of Wisconsin. They are gearing up to launch their first album, “MESS THAT WE MADE,”  to be released December 23, 2023. This relocation offers a fresh beginning, new prospects, and the joy of being nearer to family. It’s yet another unexpected twist in The Gilmore Family’s musical journey.

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