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LIVE MUSIC: Hindsight

Saturday Jul. 20th, 2024 | 7-10pm

Welcome into the mind of HINDSIGHT, the multi-faceted collective created by five individuals who aspire to add a new perspective to the name of modern jazz and live music. Based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this unique 5-piece consists of university students and friends: Hannah Durham (Vocals), Jake Shockman (Winds), Zach Luginbill (Keys), Fletcher Myhre (Percussion), and Esme Olstadt (Bass). Combining their individuality with their shared love of jazz, improvisation, and creation, the quintet is bringing their skills and sounds to the downtown Eau Claire area this summer. Taking inspiration from multiple eras and styles, as well as from one another, the group has a little something for everyone to enjoy. And while they’ll be looking back to pay homage to the greats that laid the foundations for jazz music, HINDSIGHT is focused on the bright future ahead of them!

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