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LIVE MUSIC: Jason and the Jazzerknots “Sittin’ on a Sunset” Album Release Tour

Friday Apr. 12th, 2024 | 7-10pm

Introducing Jason and The Jazzerknots, a dynamic ensemble born out of a passion for crafting original jazz compositions that captivate audiences across the spectrum. Spearheaded by guitarist and composer, Jason Goessl, this quartet brings a fresh perspective to the jazz scene, with each member contributing their unique flair.

At the core of the group are Jason Goessl, the mastermind behind the guitar wizardry, Josh Gallagher on piano, Jeremy Boettcher on upright bass, and the rhythmic pulse provided by Mike Malone on drums.

Rooted in the rich traditions of jazz rhythm sections, spanning from the iconic Big Band Era to the contemporary, Jason and The Jazzerknots infuse their music with a distinctive touch. Jason Goessl’s guitar work, reminiscent of a horn’s melodic nuances, adds a unique layer to their sonic tapestry.

The second album from Jason and The Jazzerknots, Sittin’ on a Sunset, features eight original tracks composed by bandleader and guitarist Jason Goessl. Exhibiting a wide range of styles and moods, from bluesy to funky and from pensive to driving, this band proves itself to be a well-oiled machine. Josh Gallagher brings his tasteful touch on the piano, Jeremy Boettcher his driving feel on bass, and Mike Malone his elegant palette on drums. The group truly shines on this album.

Stream the first single, “Makes My Heart Sway,” here.

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