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Live On The Lakely Stage: A Visual & Auditory Experience

Saturday May. 27th, 2023 | 5-11pm

The Evening of May 27th will be the pilot series of a vision for A/V artists to come together, share through improvisation and weave a way for new/old expressions of color and frequency to be experienced and harnessed for the greater good. The evening will begin promptly at 5 pm with performances by 3 unique groups / 8 individual artists. Each group will have their own performance with short intervals of collaboration, culminating with a final performance of combined cohesion. There will be many ways to donate to the EC school foundation available leading up to and throughout the event.

Please expect the experience to include: 

Synthesis (Visual/Modular) – Within this endless format of expression we will investigate the relationship of sound and sight or expose the differences that are created between them. We will wade through sweet and inviting harmonies while dancing on the edge of chaotic and unexpected happenings for our ears and eyes. Through improvisation we will do our best to wrangle the evening’s offerings into a pleasing experience, but due to the nature of these systems – nothing can be foretold.

A/V artists will use Digital/Analog (hybrid) setups to express imagery and other creations through projection. Each artist has a unique and individual approach to the processes required to bring these visuals into the world. At the end of the night, the systems will be united and the images and sound will live as one – again, nothing can be foretold.

Organic Instrumentation  (Hand Drums / Flutes / Guitars / Etc) – Throughout the evening some traditional instruments may be included and used by artists to keep balance and provide a familiar structure to offerings of the evening.

Please be aware that if you are sensitive to flashing lights or unexpected sounds you are asked to use your best judgement in attending – the many offerings of the evening will be fraught with extremes and sweetness that cannot be planned for.

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