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Live on The Lakely Stage: An Evening with Caley Conway

Saturday Jun. 11th, 2022 | 8:30-11:30pm

Join us for a special performance on The Lakely Stage featuring Caley Conway and Ellie Jackson.

Ellie Jackson and Caley Conway found power in reciprocity when they began singing together back in 2017. The Milwaukee-based songwriters, each independently renowned, quickly built a reputation for enhancing each other’s work with their intuitive, smoothly-interlocking vocal harmonies. Like ribbons on a maypole, Jackson and Conway swirl in and around each other’s songs, weaving a spellbinding and emotional exchange. In her work, Ellie Jackson delivers determined vulnerability through pulpy folk rock songs you may find in a context less frequently tied to the Midwest.

Caley Conway’s “brilliant songwriting spirit that focuses on melody and earnestness,” (No Depression Magazine), takes elements of jazz and post-rock, deft guitar solos, and a bit of well-played wit to seal a “Joni Mitchell meets early St. Vincent” vibe, as she self-describes her now-hallmark sound. This summer, Jackson & Conway take their intimate collaborations on the road to deliver a tender, folk-tinged soundtrack to your evening.

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