Oxbow Artist in Residence Murals

415 Galloway St. (across the street from the hotel)

There’s so much to experience in a visit to the Oxbow Hotel in downtown Eau Claire, WI – thoughtfully-designed rooms and furniture, curated food and drink, world-class local and national musicians, and so much more. But an equal part of the Oxbow experience is art. Our gallery, rooms, corridors, and walls inside and out are covered in original work from local artists both literary and visual. Art is important to us at the Oxbow. In fact, it’s so important that we wanted to bring more of it into the community that surrounds us, for both locals and our traveling guests to enjoy. That’s what spurred the Oxbow’s Artist in Residence Program. There are currently two large-scale murals that have been brought to life in our Downtown Eau Claire community in collaboration with Oxbow’s Artist in Residence Program:

For the inaugural Artist in Residence program which took place in May of 2018, The Oxbow Hotel hosted artist Molly Z. from Chicago as she, along with her team of artists (and some local community helpers, too!) created a bold, beautiful piece of artwork called “Cascade” on the side of The Eau Claire Printing Company.

For the second Artist in Residence program, which took place in October 2021, The Oxbow Hotel hosted artist Sylvia Annelise Hecht, together with Pablo Group and DECI, who created the “Sanctuary” mural. You can find it on the side of Eau Claire’s Fire House, located downtown on the corners of Gibson Street and Graham Avenue. The Sanctuary mural project is dedicated to fostering visual art and community partnerships, while enhancing the downtown area and overall experience of both locals and visitors.