“Oxbow Blend” Wonderstate Coffee


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Award-winning, organic, and artisan roasted. Wonderstate coffee, based in Viroqua, Wisconsin, is the exclusive coffee of choice at The Oxbow Hotel and The Lakely.

This blend, crafted exclusively for The Oxbow Hotel – and selected via a team tasting – has a story behind it. Read on to learn more…

Stripped down, laid bare, unplugged. Like a good song, when you get back to the basics, you often get to the good stuff. Truly delicious coffee isn’t the product of distortion or a heavy hand. When you start with the best coffee and let it speak for itself – roasting it gently and with intention – you’ll find there’s often a lot more there.

So when Oxbow approached us to create a custom blend for them, we sought out coffee that would capture this feeling of authenticity. We wanted to create a blend that had depth and spark, that was layered but straight-forward. We wanted to create a coffee that made you lean in and listen.

A vibrant roast of some of our favorite South American and Latin American coffees, the Oxbow Blend is bold in its subtleties and graceful in its balance. Natural sweetness harmonizes with bright, stone fruit acidity to achieve the perfect cup. And the single origin components lend a snap and bounce you can only achieve with a little play.

With notes of milk chocolate, brown butter and apricot, this coffee makes for an unlikely classic, but it’ll have you coming back again and again.

Sweet and radiant medium roast. This is for one 12oz bag of whole bean coffee.

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