The History

Since the booming logging days of the Chippewa Valley, the ground beneath the Oxbow has always been home to a boarding house or hotel. In 1947, the current building was constructed as the Edwards Hotel.

Motel Edwards

This key piece of downtown lodging came online in an era when downtown was strong with department stores, restaurants, and small retailers – and it quickly became known as a central “salesman’s stop” for those mid-century road warriors visiting Eau Claire on business for the night. It featured twenty-six sleeping rooms (most sharing a bathroom with their next-door neighbor).

Over the years, the main and lower levels featured a steakhouse restaurant and bar, an underground lounge called The Rathskeller, a classic lunch counter, a hair salon, and a travel agency.

After over a decade of success, in 1961 they built on a motel/motor court style building (what we now call The Flats) adding 16 more rooms and additional parking. Later on, the property was run as the Green Tree Inn for many years.

The Future

Fast forward to 2013 when a ragtag group of locals, seeing a bright future ahead for downtown Eau Claire, bought the property with the intent to create a destination boutique hotel, restaurant/bar, and event venue. It opened to the public in the fall of 2016.

That core group of collaborators included Nick Meyer, a local publisher/editor/retailer, Justin Vernon, the local musician behind Bon Iver and other projects, and Zach Halmstad, a local software company founder.

Community Partners

A number of community-minded locals joined forces with those mentioned above to help make the Oxbow Hotel possible, those include:

  • Ryan & Erin Hanson
  • Nicole Lasker
  • Phil & Leslie Lyons
  • Paul Madsen
  • Nick & Jennifer Mohr
  • Denise Olson & Pete Seymour
  • Larry & Marie Past
  • Stuart & Ann Sandler
  • Anton Smets & Rae Schilling
  • Bill & Jodi Sparkes
  • Beverly Wickstrom