Join us in celebration of our featured artist in The Oxbow Hotel Gallery!

With each new artist and exhibit, we’ll host an artist reception, where our artist will be able to meet and greet art fans, talk about their inspiration, and enjoy an evening of conversation.

We’ll serve complimentary small bites, and feature a very special original cocktail inspired by the exhibit.

Our current featured Gallery Artist is Holli Jacobson and her “Vague Space” exhibit

This series of paintings is a semi-abstract take on landscape and space, examining how nature can calm us while also energizing us to participate in it and motivating us to protect it. Some of the paintings are based on real places while others are imagined, giving viewers a chance to recall significant times and places from their own experiences. Viewing each painting in the peaceful gallery space invites the viewer to slow down and find inspiration in the natural spaces all around them. It is clear that our lives are busier than ever, yet taking time for art in any form helps restore our balance and peace.

Holli Jacobson is a visual artist living in Eau Claire, WI. Her abstract paintings, drawing and installation art reference the beauty of the natural world in a state of flux. Colors are vibrant and acidic with dynamic motion and flow throughout. Inspired by photography, travel and the outdoors, her art connects viewers to the power of the natural world and our role within it.

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